I started skiing when I was 2 years in my grandmother‘s backyard in Kitzbühel. After my 1st days on skis, when my father wanted to return the rental skis, i was lying on the floor yelling and crying to keep them. After all this years now of alpine ski racing, snowboarding and freeride skiing this same dedication is still in my heart. In 2012 I moved to Innsbruck to study and be even closer to the mountains. Since then a lot has changed.

I competed at the FWQ competitions for 5 years and could earn some very good results including the Austrian Freeride Champion in 2016. During summer I spend more and more time biking, wakeboarding, climbing and kitesurfing which keeps me busy next to my summer job as sailing coach for children and teenagers.

As main job I’m self employed in organising different events like the Freeride Nights Innsbruck or the Linehunters Movie Tour to give something back to the freeride family and ski as much as possible. For this reason you now can see this website and our new project, Pure Passion – doing it for love!

I’m really looking forward to what the future will bring and I hope to meet a lot of nice people and have some very good times with all of you!



as long as I remember traveling has always been part of my life. I love nature and being out there I love the most.
Since I’m little, Skiing is part of my life. That part got bigger since I moved to Innsbruck in 2015 for the first time. Before that I was studying Psychology in Hamburg. Living kind of close to the ocean made me starting Kitesurfing in 2012. kitesurfing became my second passion next to skiing. I’m open minded for any kind of activities that’s why Yoga, Climbing, and Paragliding are part of my life as well. I’m happy the share these passions with many wonderful people.

In Innsbruck I work as a social worker with youth. Being a role model for them in many parts of live is often not that easy. But I try my best and subjects like environmental awareness and showing them how to make the best out of life, is definitely party of what I do.

To combine traveling and doing sports out in the nature feels like pure joy to me. I have lived in my old van for some summers and have traveled through Europe a lot. I dream of living all my passions and while meeting many inspiring people sharing joy and love for life.

Pure Passion – doing it for love.


Our new home is a Ford Transit L4H3 with 4 wheel drive. It’s the biggest Ford Transit on the market but for us this was just luck to get one that big. It was actually the only one with 4 wheel drive that fit in our budget 😉

Of course to move into the van full time in the future there had to be done some work, or let’s better say a f***ing lot of work.

staying warm:

To stay warm we got 4centimeters Armaflex on every single wall of the car. Around the bed we made an extra layer so we have on the 2 big sidewalls even 6cm of isolation. As we don’t have a electric heater we installed a 8kW woodburning stove which will keep us warm and dry in winter and we even can cook on it. The oven get’s the air from outside and puts the used air outside as well so don’t worry about it will take all the air from inside the car while we sleep.

Kitchen & Water:

Of course we won’t cook on the woodburning stove in summer that’s why we got an two spot gas stove. Also we pimped up the kitchen area with a nice 60 Liter Fridge which runs either on electricity or gas. The „summerkitchen“ get’s the needed gas out of two 5 kg gas bottles in the back of the car. Further we installed a sink with an manual foot pump and a 50 Liter freshwater tank. Some of you may think what are we doing with the water tank and fridge in winter? The fridge will stay turned off and also the water tank will stay empty that nothing can freeze and break. In Winter we get our fresh water straight from the river or melting snow.


The heartpiece  is our little electricity room in the middle of the Van. We have 640 Watt Solar power on the roof constantly charging our 300 AH Lithium Battery. While we drive we charge the battery directly from the car with an 50A Powercharger or we just can plug in every power point and charge the battery or run the fridge etc. To avoid problems we can turn off every single electric circle or the complete in and output circle of the battery. So if the Van stays longer alone there is no chance that something will unload the battery.

With all that elctricity we charge our Computers, phones, camera gear and run all the lights and music in the van.

storage space:

We don’t want to list up every storage room we got because there is 1 simple rule in building a Camper Van. There is never enough storage room! Get everything you can, it doesn’t matter how small the spot is, use it somehow!


If you have any questions to our Van you are welcome to contact us and we will try our best to help you!